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Welcome, it’s good to see you here. Whether it’s the Sun, Moon, or other countless lights, there’s a path to show you the way in the celestial sky, waiting for you to give them a chance to help you with the life you come here to live.

TL;DR: It works.

Why astrology?

Somewhere over the last two decades, I was once a marketer and a management consultant working on human behavior in marketing. I analyzed millions of people and crafted dozens of strategies based on psychology, sociology, and philosophy.Astrology predates all those disciplines and works better than all combined. We don't know why, but it works fine.

Collective data of millennia

The fabric of space-time

We have been collecting data about the planetary positions for thousands of years. This is a real 3700-plus-year-old tablet (Source: Wikipedia) showing the movements of Venus around the year 1750 BC.We have also been recording the data on the societal structure. Then some people merged the two and recorded those two seemingly unrelated together, and realized that they are correlated.

Today's Technology

Advanced Computation

Today, astrologers use advanced computation designed by engineers and software developers and based on calculations made by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA to draw a birth chart.

Yesterday's Recordings

Cross-check data sets

We then go back and cross-check those two data sets when a similar combination occurs -similar being the keyword because no two birth charts are the same. Unless you have a twin that came with a sub-4-minute difference. We also have advanced tools for those situations.

Having A North Star

Practical Tips From Another Life

Long gone are the days of talking about human behavior in marketing at various entrepreneurship gatherings, but I include a few things in our sessions.

Bursting the orb, well, the bubble.

Making a Fortune While Telling A Fortune

It would be nice to have a look at an orb and tell everything about you and your future. But first I would buy a few lottery tickets before doing that. No offense!Unfortunately, I am no fortune teller.I just use advanced software to calculate your birth chart, go back to a few millennia-year-old records for similarities, put together everything I learned by myself and then study directly under the best astrologers in this part of space, and finally combine everything I learned professionally about human behavior in the last 20 years and a decade of consulting experience.That's all!

Fast. Reliable. To the point.

Birth Chart Reading

Duration: 45 mins.
This is a fast, tactical consulting service packed with action items based on the realities of your birth chart. Learn more and reserve your spot from below.


The big three: Your Sun, Moon, and rising signs.


Financials & Relationships.


Life-long lessons and transformational areas.

It makes one think

From the mainstream to ridicule

There was a time when astrology was mainstream and people have been using it for daily events, farming, irrigation, medicine, and decision-making.If that would be the case, then who would have been using such information?Apart from the masses who repeat what they have been told, who would be the people who consciously ridiculed it? Why would anyone want to make it forgotten when it was mainstream once?

Astrology's best-kept secret

Karmic Debts & Remedies

Duration: 2 hours
The Universe is either a random series of events or there must be a reason why we come to this world at that exact time. If everything is random, there's nothing to think about. But if not, there must be a backstory of this birth chart. There must be reasons that precede this birth chart happening.Welcome to "the chart behind the chart" as my teacher Steven Forrest calls it. We explore past lives, karma unfolded in this life, and how to make it straight.Karma is not personal. It reaps what you sow.
It's blind. But you don't have to.
Learn more and reserve your spot from below.

Birth Chart Reading

A tactical, to-the-point consulting service to optimize for a better life based on the realities of your current birth chart.

$130 $115

Save: $15
Duration: 45 mins
Prework on my part: 45 mins
Moneyback guarantee: Cancel in the first 10 minutes for a full refund.

  • Online Live Reading 45 mins

  • Birth Chart Jpeg

  • Video recording of the consulting

  • A separate audio file for your convenience

  • The big three

  • Financials & Relationships

  • Life-long lessons and transformational areas

  • Introduction to Karmic Story

Karmic Reading

An advanced, extended reading to make sense of this life and the weight from the residual karmic debt. We decode the chart of past life and discover your current tools to live a happy, well-lived life.

$255 $225

Save: $30
Duration: 2 hrs
Prework on my part: 2 hrs
Moneyback guarantee: Cancel in the first 20 minutes for a full refund.

  • Online Live Reading 2 hrs

  • Birth Chart Jpeg

  • Video recording of the consulting

  • A separate audio file for your convenience

  • The big three extended (around 45 minutes)

  • Financials & Relationships

  • Life-long lessons and transformational areas

  • Full Karmic Story 1: Your past-life character

  • Full Karmic Story 2: The conditions that created karma

  • Full Karmic Story 3: Remedies in this lifetime

The Soul's Fingerprints

Nothing personal

Personal development is great. Yet, it's too generic. It needs to be, well, personal. But last time I checked many people in that world were preaching to implement the same morning routine, do the same push-ups, eat the same things in the morning, take cold showers whether you are a morning person or not, and read the same books.But what if you are not everyone else? Last time I checked, again, no two people were the same like robots assembled in a production line and expected to function in a certain way like any other machinery.A birth chart is a blueprint. Your blueprint. The soul's lesson plan. Not the exact territory, but a map of a well-lived life.And everything about it is, personal.So how come we don't have a personal development coaching program
for your personal birth chart?

A personal experience


Duration: 4 hrs/month - 6 monthsNow, first time ever, as far as I know, a unique personal development journey that is tailored entirely to you is possible.I combined everything I learned from working on human behavior in the last 19 years -12 years of which was about helping entrepreneurs generate over $5 million with my marketing and consulting company, with 10+ years of hands-on personal development journey, astrology, and numerology.Most marketers use a special Call to Action sentence to trigger the fear of missing out (FOMO) in the limbic part of the brain. I know because I taught some of them while advising them not to. Why? Because karma is real.So, just know that this a coaching program experience with very limited seats per year for people who are done to come to this plane of existence lifetime after lifetime and want to do something about it.If you are interested, book a free 30 min. discovery call, so we'll see whether we are a good fit. All you need is to know your birth info to the minute so that I can bring your birth chart to our meeting.PS. You'll keep your birth chart regardless of our mutual decision.


Getting Personal

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